Complaining about Bingo

The vast majority of online bingo players find that they enjoy the whole experience immensely and without encountering any problems that they feel the need to complain about. However, this does not mean that cause for complaint cannot arise, so in this article we will outline how you should proceed to make a complain should you ever need to do so.

Having Just Cause

First, ensure that you have just cause for complaint. The complaints procedure is not something that should be used just because you happen to have had bad bingo luck when playing, or because you don’t like the sound of the bingo caller’s voice. You should only complain if you believe that the online bingo site has made a mistake, error or otherwise deviated from a course of action that you genuinely expected in accordance with the site’s own terms and conditions. If you still wish to proceed, our recommended action plan is as follows:

  • For minor complaints, have a word with the Chat Moderator. Use Private Messaging if possible and outline the problem. Be polite and courteous, and remember that the individual you are speaking with probably isn’t even aware of the problem, so you should present your case with a cool head and refrain from making it personal. Many minor complaints can be resolved very quickly by proceeding in this way and taking a bit of time. If yours can’t, go onto the next step.
  • Outline your complaint in an e-mail to the customer services team. Again, be polite and courteous. Get to the point quickly and explain what has occurred, when it occurred and how this differs from your expectation. Providing names, dates and times can be useful if you are complaining about a specific incident. Be sure to send yourself a copy of the e-mail so that you know exactly what you have said for future reference.
  • If your original e-mail does not get a response within 48 hours, send it again. Some online bingo sites are very busy and can genuinely mislay pieces of information, and e-mails can themselves go astray, so don’t assume that you are deliberately being ignored.
  • If you have still not heard from the customer service team within seven days, or the issue is not being resolved to your satisfaction, write a hard copy letter to the head office, repeating your complaint. Inform the recipient that you have previously complained by e-mail but failed to get an acceptable response, then request that they respond within 28 days.
  • Should the problem still not be resolved after 28 days, you should seek to have the matter settled by arbitration. This is where a third party listens to both sides of the argument and makes an unbiased decision based on the available information. It is essential that both sides agree to abide by the decision of the adjudication beforehand, or this particular procedure is quite pointless.

The majority of people reading this information will, thankfully, never need to use it. Even those who do have cause for complaint usually find that reputable online bingo sites go out of their way to resolve problems as quickly and helpfully as possible. However, by being aware of how to proceed should this not be the case, you can play online bingo with a high level of confidence and peace of mind.

Last Updated: 1/10/2008