Bingo Numbers Board

A bingo numbers board is a piece of equipment found in traditional bingo halls (and their online equivalents) that shows players which numbers have been called in the bingo game being played. In a traditional bingo hall environment, numbers boards are large wall-mounted displays that can vary in technological complexity.

In their simplest form bingo numbers boards can simple be a board of numbers with a light bulb behind each number which is switched on as soon as that number is called. The most modern numbers boards use a much more effective matrix display using LEDs or LCD screen technology which also allows them to display messages and advertisements in between games. Online numbers boards are of course graphical representations of their physical counterparts, so they can be even more visually impressive and versatile, but their basic purpose is exactly the same.

Numbers boards allow players to check to see if a certain number has been called by simply glancing at the display. This can be very useful for those who think that they might have misheard the caller for some reason. The numbers board also allows players to confirm a win for themselves when the winning player’s numbers are called out, thereby preventing possible arguments and disagreements.

Some online bingo sites play secondary games based on the numbers board itself. One such example of this is the game called Horse. The numbers board in a game of 90 ball bingo is generally presented as six rows of fifteen numbers, and in Horse players choose one number from 1 to 15 (that is, a specific column) as their “runner”. The first player to have all of the numbers in their column light up is declared the winner. Depending on the generosity of the online bingo site, prizes may also be paid to the players finishing second and third.

Article Last Updated: 21/11/2007