Who Wants To Play Mayan Bingo? Anyone Fancy A 50,000 X Stake Win?

Mayan Bingo is a Mayan themed video Bingo game that comes from top gaming developers Microgaming. It is fun and easy on the eye, requires no skill or strategy, and has a wide range of betting options that add to the intensity of the game.

The game starts out with 30 balls falling down the Mayan Pyramid steps and they line up at the base, for checking with cards that are now automatically marked.

Play can begin for as little as 0.10 credits with a max as high as 8 credits, with Mayan Bingo incorporating many unique twists to raise the excitement, compared to the traditional game where players have to wait for the Bingo Caller, as he slowly calls out the numbers and then repeats them.

With 14 different winning combinations, Mayan Bingo from Microgaming offers players many different payout levels. There is the basic payout for a single line win that pays out 50 x the original wager. This works up to the top prize where you have to match your 15 numbers on your card with all 28 balls, here you'll generate a massive windfall of 50,000 x your wager!

If you are looking for an entertaining game that combines the winnings and speed of an online slot with the layout of Bingo, then look no further. With big payouts and many ways to win, you're bound to be kept on your toes. It's a must play game for slot and Bingo lovers alike, and you won't even have to leave your favorite chair to play it either, cool or what!