Launching of the New Playtech Bingo: The Cash Cubes

The wait is over for those who have been highly anticipating the new revolutionary game that's going to be added to the playtech bingo selection as the Cash Cubes opens its doors to players all across the globe for a game-changing and one-of-a-kind bingo experience that you definitely wouldn't get enough of. This game has certainly been making huge waves of discussion throughout the internet and now that it has finally entered the market, many can definitely expect huge revolutionary changes that will redefine the game as a whole.

This new addition to the Playtech Bingo Selection is surely something you can look forward to as even the brand's COO was completely satisfied and mesmerized with its outstanding development and qualities. Daniel Phillips, the COO of the brand, shared to the public that this multi-stake variant of bingo with 36-ball game system is certainly a revolutionary version of the game that will employ a unique twist that makes it superiorly original compared to any other developments that may have stepped on the industry today.

Phillips also shared that the game received warm welcome and outstanding feedbacks the moment they've first shared it on the ICE 2016 event. The brand is extremely proud about the game's phenomenal appearance that signifies its high-quality production, topped with superior promotion from the brand's esteemed and gargantuan licensees that has definitely made its first step on the industry to become extremely robust and ecstatic for countless players worldwide.

This unique Playtech Bingo is still not available on many sites today, but you'll certainly be able to find it on the Gala Bingo Site that's powered by Virtue Fusion. This game, the Cash Cubes, is incredibly unique with its 36-ball form that exemplifies speed as one of its main points, making it an incredibly fast-paced bingo game compared to its competition today. With a ticket on the game, you'll be presented with 12 numbers that are enclosed individually on trapezoids which in turn constructs 4 different squares that are connected to each other. When all numbers on a square are called, it shatters and returns a cube to you. When all 4 cubes are in your possession, you're deemed as the winner.