Microgaming's Bonus Bingo - It Has Its Own Unique Bonus Feature!

Stepping away from online slots for a moment, it's time to check out an interesting variant of online Bingo. It's called Bonus Bingo and it comes courtesy of top game developers Microgaming.

Bonus Bingo provides players a few added options to collect winnings compared to regular games, and who in their right mind will want to turn that down! For example looking at the screen there is a Paytable at the top, the numbers from which to choose from in the center, and the numbers already drawn residing at the screen's bottom.

Firstly decide how many balls you wish to select anywhere from 2-10 and the paytable will display the payout potential for each option. Next click the green 'Play' button, in the bottom corner on the right, and now the random balls will be drawn from the hopper.

Collect 2 matching numbers and receive 16 x your stake, collect and match all 10 and it will be time to celebrate, with a massive 10,000 x your stake win!

One of the great features of Microgaming's Bonus Bingo has to of course be its bonus feature. Looking at the Paytable you will see that some of the results are shown in white. This means if your win happens to be one of those listed, you will get the opportunity to play the bonus feature.

Now by paying for an extra bet that is equal to your stake, you will now have the opportunity to draw two extra balls to try to make more matches. Could it be your lucky day? It's time to find out!