How to Play Bingo Poker

Bingo Poker is a game that has stood the test of time. It can accommodate up to 15 players, but the ideal number is 6 to 9. It offers a variety of games, each combining poker style with bingo. Basically, it works the same way as the regular card game played in actual casinos, only it's quieter and smoke-free. Also, it has simple rules thus absolutely easy to learn. Bingo poker is an exciting spin on the bingo your grandma played when you were little. It's extremely popular among casino lovers, and a great way to make some extra cash, while having fun. At play-poker-table you can find some of the best Canadian sites to play poker, including bingo poker.

Playing Bingo Poker

Amongst the players, there is one 'Caller' who will call out the value of the cards that the players have to match. Every member receives three face-down cards and chips that they'll use as markers. They will only be allowed to peek at their cards once every player has received theirs. With five face-down cards dealt, one card is flipped at a time and read out by the caller. Any player with a matching card should discard it. All gamers have to wager an amount into the pot at the start of each game and will bet on every hand until the last card is flipped. Which is the very opposite of the regular poker games. At the Plays-the-cards website, you will find all the types of poker, including very generous bonus, offers and promo codes to use. So you can make a comparison and see what do you like better, bingo poker or regular.

Determining the Winner

In this game, the winner is the player who loses all cards before the end of a hand. However, in the case where multiple players lose their cards, the person who loses their last card first is declared a winner. It's important to understand that this is a split pot game and that when betting, you'll be required to declare whether you are competing for the high or low hand. The hand with the highest value wins half the pot and the one with the lowest takes the other half.

The Value of Bingo Poker Cards

The Aces in this game can be switched for both high and low hands, making its value switch between 1 and 15 points. Kings are valued at 13, Queens at 12, and jacks are worth 11 points. Cards numbered 2 all through to 10 are valued as per their face values.

If you're looking to win in bingo poker, plan your cards and watch other players carefully, especially when the third card is flipped. If you find that other players are down to one card, remember that they could eventually win if they lose all cards, so don't throw in all your chips lest you lose them all.